Association Audrey was founded in January 2000 in Ecouflant in the western part of France.


On account of our ignorance about meningitis, we have lost our daughter Audrey. She was 12 and 24 hours were sufficient to make her disappear.
With my wife we founded the association Audrey in January 2000 in order to provide information and help as many people as possible.
Now we take part in several events and we are members and co-creators of the Confederation of Meningitis Organisations (C.O.M.O.).


Méningite France

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The association looks for partners, sponsors and persons to promote our actions.

International action
 Do you know what meningitis are and how they are transmitted ?
 How many individuals concerned per day ? 
 What are the symptoms ? 
 Do not wait the moment when you are personally concerned to inform you.