Here are references from books that deal with meningitis but especially life with the disability (s) caused by it:

Title: My big little brother
Edition: Bayard
Author: PESKINE Brigitte
Story: The novel deals with the relationship between two brothers, one of whom becomes disabled following a meningitis. (From 9 years old)


Title: Listen to my lips
Edition: Bayard
Author: NOVOTNY HUNTER Jana, translated from the American by Vanessa Rubio
History: A novel explaining at the same time the problems of adolescence, feelings of love and of course allows to discover the deaf community since the heroine became deaf due to meningitis. (From 12 years old)



Title: Bacterial meningitis
Edition: INSERM
Author: INSERM collective expertise
This work constitutes a reference document in the field of meningitis for all public health actors, doctors, biologists, researchers, teachers and students.



Title: Bacterial meningitis
Author: Edouard BINGEN
This work, intended for a wide audience of practitioners, clinicians and biologist, interns, medical and pharmacy students, was made possible thanks to the collaboration of authors chosen for their competence and experience in the field.