Our own experience

Mr Jimmy Voisine, President of Association Audrey, Audrey’s father.

On account of our ignorance about meningitis, we have lost our daughter Audrey. She was 12 and 24 hours were sufficient to make her disappear.
With my wife we founded Association Audrey in January 2000.

I could not remain without doing anything and I felt guilty of not having put an end to the disease. When life goes by peacefully we do not think of dangers. But ignorance can generate serious aftermath. That is what happened to me.

I want to inform me and share my knowledge to save lives and thus to live in peace despite my grief.

The fight against the disease helps us much, my wife and myself, but you need stubbornness because at the beginning it is difficult.

Many people think they know well the disease like us before what happened to our daughter. Actually they only can detect the disease once it has already done serious damages. This encourages us to inform people.

What revolts me is that I can do nothing when parents call us for their handicapped child about amputation for instance. Hence this new website to employ one person and maintain the work done so far.

If I had not created the association, I do not know what I would have become.

Mrs Véronique Voisine, Audrey’s mother.

Audrey… I just wanted to go on living with your pictures, your belongings  and cover you with flowers.
Jimmy has decided to create an association about this disease.

I thought I would not be able to handle the running of the association and all the things involved by this association but today I realize there are several persons who do not know anything or just a few things about this disease and we have to inform them.