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Développer l’association comme une entreprise en créant des emplois dans le cadre de Méningites France – Association Audrey, des projets commerciaux et autres.



The association was founded in January 2000 following Audrey’s death from 24h meningitis at the age of 12. The association is on the theme of health and family. Today, she is national, recognized of general interest and member and co-founder of the world confederation on meningitis.


We are at the origin, following the death of a child, of laws enabling parents to be supported. 16,000 parents face this terrible drama every year.

Health – Meningitis – Disability

The association conducts training in France on meningitis for health professionals, medicine, para-medical with supports. We commissioned a study on the financial costs following a handicap such as amputation. The study provides us with support on the consequences of meningitis, which can adapt to all other causes. It is unique in France and was handed over to the Ministry in June 2014.

To date, being limited in our actions, due to lack of time, having a professional activity, the realization of this first job became necessary and makes it possible to associate new partners, being recognized of public utility.




Objective to be achieved within three to five years

Within three years, we would like to create a first permanent contract by perpetuating our financial structure. Within five years, a new job on the medical side and be able to provide material assistance for the handicap.

Supporting the association, what interest ?

Your support allows us to improve our society on the medical, disability and bereavement themes. This strengthens our actions with the various authorities and institutions. This allows us to share our actions. The importance of the number reinforces our approaches.


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