Meningitis France

The aim of the creation of the Ménigite France is first to perpetuate the work done so far by Association Audrey and its “twin associations” and then to help families while they have to face the aftermath of the disease (handicap).


The Méningite France will have a national impact but will enjoy European financial helps and similar organizations.

There will be a collaboration between France and Africa  which will convey itself through trainings, prevention and discussions in schools.

This Méningite France has to include the medical aspect, being managed by a scientific committee. Thus the foundation will be able to offer a medical help to the families – for instance, an artificial limb in case of amputation.

The Méningite France will need salaried persons and its members will have to come from the “twin associations” of Association Audrey.

The resources of the foundation will be varied: subsidies, events, shows, donations, subscriptions, ...

We have already defined roughly the way the Méningite France will work but we remain open to any possible evolution in order to adapt ourselves to the conditions that we may meet.

Any suggestion which might allow us to develop or improve those conditions will be welcome and appreciated.