Warning signs:

  • –          Sudden fever (39-40 °C = 102°F-104°F)
  • –          Headaches located in the area of the cranium
  • –          Aches, sensation that the back of the neck is stiff
  • –          Nausea, vomiting
  • –          Unusual sensation in front of vivid light
  • –          Red marks (purpura) on the body
  • –          Sleepiness

As for babies, symptoms are often less specific. Consequently it is important to pay attention to a fever added to certain modifications of the baby’s behavior  – if the baby cries, refuses to eat, sleeps more than usual, and so on.


As far as newborn children are concerned, the back of their neck may be flabby and the fontanel – flabby part on top of the head – rounded.

Picture of purpura at the beginning of its evolution.  Purpura may be located between two toes, behind the ears, on the chest and be no bigger than a pinhead.

Meningitis can be easily cured and generate no aftermath if it is detected at the beginning of its evolution.

Most of the time at the beginning  the disease is similar to flu with a sensitivity to the light.