Values and ethics

Our will

We want to improve numerous conditions relative to information and prevention about meningitis and the help provided to the families.
Our daughter’s disease led her to death because of a lack of information.

The most active parliamentarian and Madame Catherine de Roche.



The days of information about meningitis that we organize are always prepared in collaboration with health authorities. We have parliamentarians’ support.  We work with several ministries, such as Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Family and we are in relation with the two centers of census of meningitis in France, Health Watch Institute and Pasteur Institute which  takes part in our days of information as an orator.

Mr Paul JEANNETEAU, a parliamentarian and on the right Mr Voisine, President of Association Audrey during our day of information at the hospital of Angers in November 2008.


The prefect of the Maine-et-Loire is giving the medal of “Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite” to Mr Voisine, President of Association Audrey (2004).
The association has succeeded in maintaining allowances three months after a child’s death if the child dies between 0 and 3 years.
Other similar actions are currently led.

Conference at the Senate – 18th May 2005: “Children’s death, parents’ mourning” organized by our association.

End of a medical press conference in Sicily – March 2003.
We were there with similar associations – a British one and a Brazilian one – during a medical congress.

Ulrich RAME, member of the football team of Bordeaux, as a promoter of the association. Picture taken during a fund-raising match on 31st May in 2008 in Angers. We still want to carry on with our action against meningitis but voluntary work limits our actions. We need to recruit a permanent salaried employee who will assist us and mostly be there for the families who ask for help concerning their child’s handicap, amputation among others. The association needs funds to meet the families’ expectations. The association hopes that this new website will be the way to make its purposes real. Any person or company who wants to support us or suggest ideas is welcome.