Since its creation the association has launched numerous projects in order to inform people about the first signs and symptoms of the disease and its serious consequences. It also develops a better knowledge of the disease for the persons who regularly take care of children in schools, day nurseries, leisure centers and even in places of health.

The association mainly helps parents and families whose child, brother or sister is dead, whatever the reason, in order to in one hand humanise more the relationship with the Civil Service and in the other hand offer them a psychological and material help.

Actions which still have to be led: informing more about the disease, leading a better prevention, dealing with handicap such as the issue of amputation as a priority and conceiving prosthesis for children.

Current purposes:

– To create a scientific committee
– To make a census of handicapped persons with the help of hospitals
– To involve training schools to realize products which improve handicapped persons’ life
– To plan sessions about meningitis
– To help research

Association Audrey needs resources to employ one permanent salaried person and make its purposes come true.

We want to found a foundation to gather those projects and to get an international impact.

This website allows us to ask for promoters, donations and collaborators.